So, why ARCHIPORN and why a World Architecture Guide?

First of all, we do it for fun, for our own pleasure and delight!

We do it patiently and with passion. And now we’ve decided to share this love with others, whom we thought would be as amused and entertained as we are with it.

Before the advent of the internet, we used to customise paper maps, marking places we wanted to visit whenever we planned a trip. The web made it all much easier, more diverse and dynamic. With the same spirit, this mapping was created as a source of information on architecture worldwide. It may be used just out of mere curiosity, as a research tool or to help you plan a new trip.

We love architecture and what we do for a living. We are aficionados of studying the work of other architects. We are interested in the lessons taught by the great masters, in the production of the big shots, but also in the exciting experiences of not necessarily well known architects all around the world.

As active architects ourselves, university professors and researchers, we understand the importance of method and criteria to build repertoire, as a tool for developing and exchanging knowledge.

We also believe that, the best way to learn about and comprehend architecture is by experiencing spaces in person, walking around, stepping in, observing, touching, feeling and perceiving the relations between volumes, textures, colours, light and, of course, the way people embrace and occupy these spaces.

And we are wanderers. We love to travel and walk around cities, exploring them, being surprised by the unexpected, meeting people, getting in contact with other cultures, finding stuff, experimenting the new, getting lost and found again… We reckon cities are the most amazing creations of humankind.

The name comes, therefore, from this idea of architectural hedonism, from the joy of getting to know the world and its wonders, from the excitement of these experiences.

We hope it may be useful, or simply amusing, and that you have fun traveling around with us!