We are looking at the work of architects we admire and at cities or buildings which for a number a reasons attract our attention. Also, we have been trying to cover all parts of the globe, making it a richer and much more fun and diverse adventure. Ultimately, from the very beginning, our main interest has been mostly in modern to contemporary architecture, covering the 20th century’s avant-garde movements to this day.

The ARCHIPORN guide is thus organized according to the following chronological criteria:
2010-    …     Recent Works
1990-2009  Digital Revolution
1970-1989  Post-Modernism
1946-1969  Internationalism and Regionalism
1919-1945  Modern Movement
1890-1918  Turn of the Century
1850-1889  Second Industrial Revolution
1750-1849  First Industrial Revolution
   …    -1750  Before the Machine Age